Conditions of sale, supply and payment

1) Overview of sale.

• All orders must be send by ​​writing, via fax, email or web. Our offers are valid assumptions and without commitment, both in prices and delivery times, unless MACMA IBERIA, S.L. explicitly formulated in confirmation otherwise. When we send an order, you agree to our terms of sale, delivery and payment.
• We encourage you to always specify in your order, your customer number, or if not, the name of the company you bill. If you have changed your tax data please let us know beforehand.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. will always send you a confirmation or proforma in writing within 24 hours of having received your order, you agree to our business hours. If there are different special conditions of these terms of business and in all verbal agreements will be valid only if a written confirmation from us. The particular conditions of customer purchase have no validity.
• In the event of any deviation or error in our order confirmation or proforma regarding your order, you are required to correct it immediately in writing. Otherwise, the order confirmation will be given as valid and follow its usual course.

• These general sales conditions apply to all offers, contracts, orders and invoices MACMA IBERIA, S.L. and the client. For the sake of your order to MACMA IBERIA, S.L., the customer waives any existing conditions on your part, whatever their denomination. The contract is executed by a written confirmation by the customer of an order, or the beginning of the execution of the order referred by MACMA IBERIA, S.L.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. reserves the right to refuse orders or orders without giving any reason.

2) Products

• Informational texts and printed catalogs measures are subject to errors and changes. The material, color, design, technical performance, general type of packaging, subject to modifications and changes. The packaging unit is responsible for protecting the article and is not a gift box, unless previously stated. All these changes are no cause for complaints or claims by the client.
• It is recommended to order samples sales department if in doubt.

3) Print Service

• We mark all products in the catalog unless otherwise stated in the item description. Check our rates and general conditions of labeling.
• Items that are packaged in individual boxes and paper or plastic bags will be packed after printing only if budgeted, and if you've agreed in writing.
• For all products marked the customer accepts delivery tolerance units +/- 5% being billed amount actually delivered. If repeat orders without warrants shows, deviations in amounts not excluded.

4) Number of pieces.

• To facilitate the work in the warehouse and to accelerate the process of preparing the orders, we recommend to our clients ask boxes complete packaging units of each reference. The samples are not included in this regulation.
• When it comes to printed orders is possible and has allowed a deviation of 10% higher on the requested amount, especially as a result of misprints.

5) Prices

• All prices are understood as net prices, excluding taxes (VAT, RE, etc.). MACMA IBERIA, S.L. has right to change the agreed prices and rates without prior notice.
• We are authorized to make corrections if price increases or expenses, changes in transportation costs, currency fluctuations, tariffs and other taxes that occur after the deal closes. In this case the customer can terminate the contract. If this happens MACMA IBERIA, S.L. not be obliged to pay compensation or damages.
• The cheapest fares are valid except for typographical errors. Printing errors in the catalog, the price list or special brochures do not allow you to make special claims for compensation. Price changes will be presented / communicated as quickly as we can via email or web, and in our order confirmation is always required.
• Prices and other conditions are based on the type and volume of products to be supplied, the orders relating to a part of the offer, give MACMA IBERIA, S.L. reserves the right to modify the price and conditions mentioned in the offer.
• All prices are exclusive import and export rights and exclude the cost of insurance for the goods and transport unless MACMA IBERIA, S.L. and the customer expressly agreed in writing otherwise.
• Promotional prices are special net prices for which no special discount can be granted, and have a specific validity period. Understanding which are the prices that deviate from our current price list.
• If you are late on the payment due, any possible discount has been applied at the time is canceled. This also applies to promotional net prices agreed.

6) Samples

• Samples can not be returned for administrative reasons. Except for special promotions. If you wish to return samples despite this, contact the Sales Department.

7) Neutral and anonymous Shipping

• We can make anonymous submissions with neutral packing the address provided with neutral packing slip. You can also send your packing by email. This service has no extra cost to standard postage and handling.

8) Order picking

• The picking process begins when we sent our order confirmation and provided the article is available in our stock.
• Upon receipt of the documentation in our store, your order will be delivered within 24 business hours.
• We can also make partial deliveries if multiple products are ordered and not available all at once. In this case, the extra cost will be additional transportation charge, as well as causing a compromise payment by the customer of the part delivered.
• Once you have sent the order confirmation, you can not cancel or extend. Nor change the delivery address unless otherwise our permission. And in either case all costs shall be responsible for (special orders, preparation, transportation fees, printing and others) and if the request does not contain special versions or preprinted items.

9) Transport and delivery

• The shipping costs will be paid from net € 300 (excluding printing) bill for the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). These conditions will only be applied to orders with a single delivery address.
• Orders not exceeding 300 € will be charged on delivery invoice. For all orders shipped freight Balearic and Canary Islands are always due.
• The approximate delivery will be to:
1 Samples: 1 -2 working days and Portugal Peninsula
2 Orders unprinted 3-7 working days Peninsula and Portugal (Islands, Ceuta and Melilla ask).
3 Print Orders with 7-21 working days Peninsula (Islands, Ceuta and Melilla ask).
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. can not be held responsible for any delays caused by transport companies or other reasons (strikes, bad weather, holidays ...) because they are alien to us.
• These times are approximate. The customer is not entitled to any compensation for any direct or indirect damages caused by the transfer of the agreed delivery date or mentioned MACMA IBERIA, S.L.
• The goods always travel at the risk of the customer. Always understood that shipments are always EX WORKS (to the client), our choice by mail, parcel post or courier freight. Our costs and expenses must be paid by the customer.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. no liability for any damage, loss, theft, robbery, or other circumstances occurring during the transport of the goods. Any damage, breakage, or defect caused by transporting the goods and be visible externally, must be reported immediately to the carrier on the delivery note and then writing MACMA IBERIA, S.L. including photographs or videos. Otherwise no further claims will be accepted.
• We send tracking your order via email, as long as the carrier has active online tracking system on its website.
• If the client wishes to name the carrier or special transportation, full invoice is charged transportation costs. Or if you wish to collect the goods in our warehouse office.
• If you have to export the goods outside the European Union, we charge 25 euros,-for a possible customs declaration ..

10) Product Warranty

• Our products are - if not stated otherwise - products imported from Asia. For this reason, they are subject to rapid wear. Therefore it is no cause for complaint or claim, and are excluded from the guarantee. Also, you need a certain amount of defective items expected. Any claim for compensation for defective items above 3% of the amount supplied will be accepted.
• Claims for damages of any kind are excluded from the guarantee. If damages are not recognized immediately lose all warranty MACMA IBERIA, S.L. is not liable for any damage caused by the product defect is not obligated to make any other compensation.
• In case of shipping damage visible outside the warranty is also excluded when the damage was not confirmed in writing on the delivery note of the carrier and subsequently written to MACMA IBERIA, S.L..
• If items are printed or processed by you or a third party, the warranty is excluded after the goods have been delivered by us.
• If items have been resold to final consumers, they are not subject to claims or any guarantees.
• If the claim is not performed immediately lose their security products.
• It excludes any claim on batteries or defects due to misuse.

11) Claims

• Any product claim must be made ​​immediately in writing whenever MACMA IBERIA, S.L., within 15 days from the date of departure of the goods.
• In case of defective merchandise exceeds 3% of the total MACMA IBERIA, S.L. compensate the client only with a discount on the bill. In each case, the products must be reviewed, revised and tested for possible defects and number of units by you or authorized by the company immediately after receiving the product representative. Then I communicate in writing to MACMA IBERIA, S.L. SL and document it with photos or videos. MACMA IBERIA, S.L. S. L. or not to accept the claim once physically examined all the items returned by the customer and only in this case after checking all of them. MACMA IBERIA, S.L. is not liable for any damage caused by the product defect is not obligated to make any other compensation.
• In case of missing goods, and if the amount of the difference does not exceed 25 euros, MACMA IBERIA, S.L. SL paid the missing merchandise, and in any case the reset. If the customer still requests replenishment of carriage will be at your expense.
• In the case of damaged goods transport, any damage, breakage, or defect caused by transporting the goods and is visible externally, must be reported immediately in writing to MACMA IBERIA, S.L. at the time of the reception, including photographs or videos. Otherwise no further claims will be accepted.
• If MACMA IBERIA, S.L. does not recognize the claim, the transportation costs of the return shall be borne by the customer.
• No claims printed items that have not been marked by MACMA IBERIA,  SL  be accepted
• any claim or defective batteries are excluded from misuse
• Any complaints about invoices or receipts, must be made ​​by the customer in writing MACMA IBERIA, S.L., within 15 days from the receipt thereof.
• Any incident regarding your order does not give any right to the customer to suspend its payment obligations.

12) Returns

• To make a return is required prior written contact MACMA IBERIA, SL.

• No returns will be accepted past 15 days after the date of issue and prior acceptance of MACMA IBERIA, S.L.
• If accepted, freight outward and return merchandise will be charged. And 6% of the total order amount for storage costs will be charged. The goods must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging and unchecked.
13) Payments and invoices.
• We offer various payment methods to suit: cash payment, receipt or transfer domiciled pay.
• Customers who do not have credit line with us in advance will be charged 100% of the order by bank or wire transfer. You must send us by email or fax proof of payment to complete your order. Please indicate the number of the proforma in the proof.
• If our financial department deems it appropriate, we will request credit line with our insurance company. MACMA IBERIA, S.L. SL granted a credit limit granted based on risk. If this amount is exceeded, will be arranged spot the remaining difference.
• In order to import from Asia, 30% to confirm the order and leave the rest before the goods will be paid.
• Invoices are always sent via email, 3 to 5 days after the date of departure of the goods. When you place your first order with us you must provide your email address for receipt of invoices
• Any complaints about invoices must be made ​​in writing to MACMA IBERIA, S.L., and within 15 days of receipt thereof.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. SL reserves the right to withdraw credit line for billing, arrears, defaults or upon recommendation of the insurance company.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. reserves the right to require payment cash advance, partial or complete, the price agreed by transfer, deposit in our account or cash.
• Any delay, nonpayment, or return receipt by the customer will mean a surcharge of 4% per month of the outstanding amount plus any applicable bank charges generated. Besides the rebates possible (discounts or special contract pricing) will expire and will be billed by our company in case of delay or default.
• All costs of extrajudicial collection MACMA IBERIA, S.L. will be borne by the customer.

14) Retention of title

• The product is owned by MACMA IBERIA, S.L. until full payment thereof by the customer .. If you are late with the payment, the reservation of ownership authorize us, to set before without notice, to require the goods or the relevant claim in each case (including interests delay).

15) Penalties / Compensation

• Fines or compensation can not be transferred Peninsulas. The compensation of any kind are excluded.
• MACMA IBERIA, S.L. is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, of some kind or nature, regardless of how it was caused and people because of who caused the damage.
• In any case MACMA IBERIA, S.L. will not be obliged to compensate over the invoice amount of products delivered on the case.

16) Legal address and venue

• JURISPRUDENCE For all disputes of any kind, shall be submitted to the Courts of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).