Agreement between the associations and Ifema for
PromoGift 2014
Last June 25, 2013, the signature took place
in the agreement of collaboration between FYVAR, AIMFAP and
Ifema that starts the new edition of Promogift
2014 and again the stability of the sector is reached,
Redounding to benefits for all.
Ifema will be provided in 2014 with the call of the Lounge
International of the Promotional Gift, Promogift,
Fair of reference of the promotional and advertising gift
in Spain and Portugal, which will celebrate of 29 al31 of
January, in Fair of Madrid.
The collaboration of the affiliations FYVAR and AIMFAP
as property development companies of lounge, it is the best guarantee for
Success of an essential call for the sector
of the promotional and advertising gift.
Between others, this agreement allows the associates exhibitors
to have diverse advantages at the time of hiring
his space, in addition to guaranteeing the celebration of one
alone annual fair at the beginning of year.

Created on Tuesday, 10.09.2013